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Take Over's & Excursions

Welcome to Swing With Me, a private resort where you can let go and be yourself. Located in the heart of nature, our resort offers a variety of activities to make your stay memorable. From hiking trails that take you through the lush greenery to horseback riding, we have it all. Our expert guides will take you on a journey of discovery and help you explore the natural beauty of our surroundings.

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Book your all-inclusive package where food and drink are provided for the whole party as well as airport transport. This will include breakfast and dinner with snacks throughout the day. We even make it easy by booking excursions for you, sending the party with snacks and drinks. We do our best to work with dietary restrictions to create unique and beautiful meals. 

Once booked, you are provided your own private page under the "private" tab. There members of your party can access room assignments, the daily meals, and the itinerary.

Additional Services

We have several different options to meet your needs and those of your group during your stay. We have spent several years building relationships with local vendors and have recommendations or can provide you group pricing for these services. The property has 8 units and sleeps up to 22. with 3 swimming pools. We are private and unique with additional spaces such as the massage room. 

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